Anuj Gurwara School Captain (Boys)

1st ISC batch March 1998

My experience of Sherwood is different… I studied in an institution that my parents had started. I have been in this holy place ever since it came into existence. I never got late. I step out of my door and there, the school is in my backyard.' Intervals were at home for me. I walk about 8-10 metres from my classroom and I am inside my house.' That was till Class V. In Class VI, the school shifted to Petbasheerabad.

Doesn't it look great? You must be wondering how lucky I was, getting all facilities and 24 hours protection. Well, as everything, even this had its advantages, it's not easy surviving, socially, as the son of Principal. People tend to neglect you, avoid you. It's not that I was very good. No! I was naughty and was on Cloud Nine for being with me. I had frequent fights. My social life, in school, was affected terribly. By the time I was in Class IX, I realized what I had been doing, but, it was too late. The reaction of everyone around me was not a good sign. I passed my tenth and then was going to Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, when, my father decided to open the ISC stream. With most of my previous classmates back, I felt a bit hesitant. I was wondering what I would do if even for these two years, nobody bothered to talk to me \ It would have been horrible .'

But, all started well, We bad five new classmates and they mixed up good. Come September and we left for this tour to Manali which would change our lives forever. It was after this tour that our class developed an unbreakable bond. My past life was nothing but the past. I shed away those memories to make place for the memories of what our loving class would do together in the future. I changed after this trip. And, I found that many people liked this change. We passed into Class XII. I was made the School Captain. That was another risky day. For the next few days, I was given the post just because I was the son of the Principal ? My doubts were cleared when I saw every one talked to me in the same way as they did before this event. They had under-stood and accepted my capability to handle the responsibilities that came with this post. I thank everyone f or that.

We went f or the tour to Ooty. It was a short one and a sad one since this was the last tour. The farewell was another sad moment. We had completed our schooling. We wrote the Board Exams.

I admit, I could not do well in my Boards, looking at my percentage. I will boldly declare that I got less mark? It's for the world to realize that what I need to go ahead in life is not just my marks. I am proud to say that I have inculcated every quality, value and virtue given to me in school. Sherwood has built my soul, my spirit. These will not waver in any storm I face ahead in future. I have taken part in music, elocution, skits, dramas, debates, essays, football, tennis, cricket, volleyball and so many other activities in school.

The knowledge I have gained from these is much more valuable than any formula. Someone said, "we are born from the soil and we will die and go into it". I would say, " I was born from Sherwood and I will die for it" This is my Alma Mater and I will worship it wherever I am.