Divya Gupta

ICSE 1992-2000

There are very few things, I have found so far in my journey of life, that are ideal, for me my school has been it. It is astonishing the way life unfolded lessons and I was relate it to something that we were told back in school.

Education here has not only enabled me to see things different but also have an open mind. I think it was the confidence of being on stage during elocution, learning how to work in a team for the class projects and taking responsibility while organizing science exhibitions that help me today when I have to make presentations or work on deadlines! Who remembers what marks you got in Maths in your seventh standard???

Life is constantly changing, we are put in different situations and face a new challenges yet again, but is it at the foundation that I have been prepared at this temple of knowledge. And one of the most important things that my teachers taught me, that we never stop learning....