Ritu Gopal

ICSE 2006-2007

Thinking of all the non-existent possibilities is hard as all the unforgettable experiences that I had through seven joyous years come rushing through my memory. Sherwood is exemplary of the education every child deserves. It is one of the few schools that I have seen keeping in mind the basic necessities of child development- a stress-free atmosphere, natural surroundings and a place entirely conducive to all-round development.

The fact that Gurwara Sir is fulfilling the dream of his life makes me proud to have been a part of it. It takes a multitude of qualities for a large number of people to benefit from one man - a visionary. His rising ambition, hard work and leadership qualities are all a positive sign and will take Sherwood to greater heights, will encourage each student to live up to their school being a true Temple of knowledge and enable them to succeed with flying colours.

The final impact is something I felt only after I physically detached myself from Sherwood. It was as if the rest of me that was yet to develop its own field of thought had grown to be independent of the part that was nurtured by the combined efforts of teachers with a single-minded devotion to their work.