S Praveen Ranga


My Sherwoodian days included a vast spectrum of emotional, physical, social and spiritual challenges. There were so many memories including the sweltering heat of "the shed" in which my 6th class education took place; several instances of being "broken in" as the new kid on the block by my peers; the many late evenings I spent learning Hindi from scratch from a very dedicated Hindi teacher; the numerous picture composition, grammar and copy writing skills taught by some of the most loving English teachers; the bubbly personalities of some of the funnest teachers of biology, geography, history; the daily lessons of life itself shared on a personal level by a stern yet selfless principal with a vision in his mind and heart and the courage to chase his dream; the transition of the school itself from a rental building in Sikh Village to its present day, awe-inspiring structure in Jeedimetla as a true Temple of Knowledge.

However, the true essence of this great institution cannot be surmised in some tangible prose upon a script of paper. Nor can it be physically seen in the pillars of this foundation that stand erect every day and night come rain or shine. No, what it truly means to be a Sherwoodian is something which you feel deep in your heart and soul. Something that you live, breathe and experience for yourself, and do not realize that you are part of something truly awesome until a decade or two later when you look back and reminisce about how great it truly is to be a Sherwoodian!