Pranav Maheshwari

ISC 2004-2005

Being a Sherwoodian I have learnt a lot in life. And frankly speaking I realised much of this only when I passed out of school. The extra co-curricular activities, the excursions, the career development classes have in fact helped me more than the academics. In Sherwood I not only gained academic knowledge but also the other important virtues of life. I have always been an average student in terms of academics. Students like me are often overlooked or just one amongst the crowd when we go to colleges/ universities for further studies. But I WAS NOT.

The excursions have strengthened me. Even today, staying in a foreign country, in a completely different society, different culture, I am able to stick to my roots and strong Indian virtues only because of the importance of prayers which I was taught in school. I am able to connect to my inner sense because of my upbringing in Sherwood.