J Mahita

ISC 2005-2006

Being a hearing handicapped person, I had passed out in 1996 of Bala Vidyalaya School for Young Deaf Children in Chennai. My parents were very apprehensive of finding a good school in Hyderabad because of my disability and they were afraid that many schools would not accept me into their schools. The first school they saw in Hyderabad was Sherwood. When Mr Y K Gurwara met us and was told the problem of my disability, all he did was to ask me a few questions and then put me into the school. All I can say that my parents were very relieved and even now they owe gratitude to him.

During the initial days, there were many who were not able to understand my speech but the teachers were very warm, loving and understanding. The teachers recognized my passion and talent in painting and drawing and encouraged me to take that up as a hobby, which later on helped me win competitions in the inter-school painting category. Most of my development, social, emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual, took place between Class VI and XII. It has made me what I am today. Director Sir's Career Guidance classes were unique. He always stressed on the importance of education and how it should be applied in a correct manner. He always discouraged the rote method of learning and encouraged treating students weak in studies on par with intelligent students. This kind of treatment is very rare now if one looks at the other schools around. One important lesson he taught was that one should never go after the result, rather they should focus on the path that leads to the result and that is where true learning takes place leading to true success in the long run.

I passed my Class X - ICSE Board exams in May 2004 with flying colours. I decided to continue my Class XI-XII in Sherwood in the MBPC stream. Sherwood will always be special to me because it never treated me as a special child and gave me the opportunity to prove that I am as capable as any other person.