G. Kalyan Sreenivas

(1st Batch ISC-1998)

We, in course of our lives, meet people who change our destiny forever. Such people are few but they are pivotal to our inner growth and Mr Y.K. Gurwara has been the primary person in my life. Sherwood is fundamentally designed to make students develop in all aspects of their personality, who eventually become leaders in their respective organisations. Today when I meet people from international schools who speak about burdening students with less homework and making study activity based, I tell them that my Principal implemented all these concepts three decades ago when schooling system was only based on rigorous home work, tuitions and competitive exams.

What Sherwood has given me is invaluable and I have carried it within myself throughout. But this is not the purpose I am writing this article about Sherwood and Sir. Probably the son who is most rebellious understands his father the best and I definitely belonged to that category. I had a number of arguments with Sir regarding tuitions, competitive exams and teaching methods and each time with infinite patience, he explained to me and nurtured me with love and guidance. What Sir explained to me at that time, I could not comprehend fully then. But now his teachings have become the base of my personality and I guide youngsters in that direction. Being the first batch of ISC we were fortunate enough to get the maximum attention from Sir. All my batch-mates are now in leading positions in their respective careers and each of us acknowledge that Sherwood has been the foundation on which we have built our career and in particular, Sir's teachings and training.

I did not clear my competitive exams at that stage but that definitely did not mark the end of my career, I had a successful career in banking and I am now running my own HR recruitment company with a fellow Sherwoodian. As Sir had rightly guided me at that time that IIT or MBBS are not the only paths, eventually what you require in a profession to be successful is communication, team work, empathy, discipline and social skills. All these aspects are developed in Sherwood through various activities.

Last but not the least I want to conclude by thanking Sir and all my teachers for what they have given me and want to tell all the young Sherwoodians to believe in Sir and Sherwood system blindly and that you are lucky to be associated with an institution like this.