Amit Khare

It was right after the summer break of 1987 that I enrolled at Sherwood. Treading the asphalt roads of Sikh Village, excited and confused, a 10 year old kid began attending Sherwood. I very vividly remember the building that housed the school then but something more important than that, the teachers who welcomed me. Little did I know then that the next 5 years of my life would be shaped in such a way and those teachings, cautionary tales, scoldings and the occasional punishment for the mischiefs would shape my life to what I am today.

I am Amit Khare, a son, a husband, a father and a brother at home. An aspiring marketer, a better team player, a novice manager and a number cruncher at work. Sherwood laid the foundation for me to be educated as an Engineer. I hold a Bachelor's and Master's Mechanical Engineering, reflected by the fancy paper work I carry around. While the foundation is required for no matter what one does or does not do in life, Sherwood also taught me to be resilient and pursue what I enjoyed. Talking of resilience, after about 8 years of working, I decided to go back to University again and I pursued a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Strategy. The long essays in English and Hindi that Narayanan Ma'am and Meera Ma'am made us write, helped blossom my imagination. They helped me look within. They helped me understand myself, with the little understanding that I did possess of myself then, or I thought I had. I very vividly remember the lessons of Physics and Mathematics from Gurwara Sir and the Geography lessons from Irvinder Ma'am. Those helped give me a better understanding of the world around me. Sherwood did not give me just a good education, the teachers at Sherwood developed my personality and shaped my character. The education, love, care and compassion of everyone at Sherwood defined and guided me, it helped build me to who I am.

In the last 12 years, I have been part of teams that have developed medicines for diabetes, bone cancer, osteoporosis and blindness. I work as a strategy analyst at a Biotech company, Genentech, in San Francisco. If there are Sherwoodians thinking of pursuing their education in the United States, I can help guide them.