Sherwoodian Mohit Jain

Batch 1996-97 Lieutenant, Indian Navy

I take great pride today in stating that I am a Lieutenant in the Indian Navy and one thing that I am sure has helped me in all my endeavors is what I have learned at my alma matter i.e. Sherwood. I would like to thank all my teachers for helping me be what I am today.

I was good academically and was of the opinion that co-curricular activities, PTand brill were a mere time pass but thanks to my teachers who at that time forced me to go through all that. Once I was at the Naval Academy I realized that going through all these activities at school really helped. I was adjudged best in group discussions and was a part of the debate teams. Even the little things that I learned were coming handy for instance. Today when I am an officer of the navy I realize the importance of co-curricular activities. They are not only for leisure but also help develop a better personality. I am sure that many of you feel that if you spend time in activities other than academics you would be losing out valuable time but trust me if you can enjoy these activities then you can concentrate better and spend more quality time in your academics and simultaneously become better people.