Mrs. Jyoti Gurwara(Founder)

The founder headmistress, Mrs. Jyoti Gurwara has ably assisted Mr. Gurwara in building up an open and positive relationship with the students and their parents over the years. One of the remarkable ways that Mrs. Gurwara has counselled students is through the treasure of her stories drawn from the rich literature of India as well as that of the world. The stories that she narrates are always apt to the situation.

She is a multifaceted personality dedicated to the cause of education. A perfectionist to the core, she started her career as Librarian and along with her husband Mr. Gurwara, she has worked in some of the reputed public schools of the country. With her immense knowledge of music and dance, and being a melodious singer herself, she has guided the cultural activities in the school. Her strong NCC background and her spirit of adventure enables her to conduct and participate in adventure camps.