Mr. Y.K. Gurwara(Director)

The all-round development of children is the essence of the philosophy of Mr. Y.K. Gurwara. Before opening Heritage Valley - The Indian school, he worked in some of the most renowned schools of India, like St. Pauls School, Darjeeling, Sherwood College, Nainital; Daily College, Indore. He is the founder of Sherwood Public School, Secunderabad. He is a true educationist with an in-depth understanding of child psychology, teaching methodology and evaluation. No area of school teaching is untouched by him. Whether it is guidance in mathematics, music, languages, games, science and craft exhibition, adventure, he is at equal ease.

His love for nature made him set up his dream project, a residential school - Heritage Valley - The Indian school in a lush green environment amongst hills and valleys at Shadnagar. Mr. Gurwara, a man of great vision, dares to continue on the road less travelled by others. Even in this era of cut-throat competition, he considers success as a journey and not the destination. “What next?” is his mantra for progress.