Journey of a VIDYARTHI

'The journey of a Vidyarthi should not be limited to classroom learning but all learning should take place in the lap of nature. Man has learnt Math, Sciences, Geography, Music, Art, even discovered email wave from Nature. My inner voice used to share with me : “Nature has unlimited resources and children have unlimited potential to explore nature'

Founders of Sherwood

Finally, with the help of founder teachers of Sherwood, larger place was arranged, where we could provide ample opportunities to children to know and grow their talents in various fields as given by the Almighty along with normal schooling.

We are trying to provide school education that is based NOT on rote learning but Conceptual and Experiential based learning where not only head but head, heart and hands are involved in learning the concepts of academic subjects.

We have developed knowledge park where children learn the concept of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography away from classrooms using Experiential Learning process based on the sequence:

I hear, I forget.
I see, I remember.
I do and I understand.